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"the road to god knows..." ebooks

An ebook version of the road to god knows... in PDF format (approximately 19 megs) is available for free. Click here to open the PDF (right click and then choose "save link as..." to download directly to your computer). Please note that you will need a copy of Adobe Reader. This free program can be downloaded on Adobe's website at

Please note: my new two volume graphic novel series Stargazer is also available for free. You can download PDFs of each volume by visiting Stargazer's website at

About "the road to god knows..."

The road to god knows... is an original graphic novel by Canadian cartoonist Von Allan. It features the story of Marie, a teenage girl coming to grips with her Mom's schizophrenia. As a result, she's struggling to grow up fast; wrestling with poverty, loneliness, and her Mom's illness every step of the way. With her Mom absorbed in her own problems, Marie is essentially alone while she learns to deal with the chaos in her young life.

148 pages, SRP $13.95 US, ISBN: 978-0-9781237-0-3

Stargazer! My new graphic novel!

Stargazer Link

the road to god knows... trailer

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